Joint Venture Alert: Aegis & Vopak joined forces in India to grow in the LPG and Chemicals Storage & Handling business.


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    • Submission of Dealership Application Forms with requisite Security deposit for Aegis and Nayara
    • Site Inspection, documents due diligence & Interview by the company
    • Issuance of LOI by Aegis
    • Issuance of Letter of Consent by Aegis to NEL
    • Issuance of Letter of Appointment (LOA) by NEL
    • Initial Drawing and Site Approval
    • Start Local NOC Process
    • Begin Civil work at the RO Site
    • Installation and commissioning of plant and machinery
    • Rule 33
    • Application to PESO for final grant of the license
    • Inspection from PESO
    • Grant of final license
    • *Allotment of Nayara Energy Ltd. (formerly known as Essar Oil Ltd.) MS/HSD Facilities subject to approval of Nayara and other statutory norms
    • RO Project Timeline – 9 Months

We are constantly looking out for expanding our Aegis Autogas empire across India. Therefore, we are in search of new prospects, who can play a pivotal role in forming a robust Channel Partner network for Aegis Autogas. For a detailed discussion and to understand a growth-centric business opportunity, our highly experienced and trained Sales & Marketing personnel will explain you the benefits on partnering with us.

BASIC REQUIREMENT TO START - Unified Retail Outlet (Petrol, Diesel, Auto LPG)

  • Prime Land (Owned/Leased)
        City: 1000 m2 (Front- 30m or 100 Ft)
        State Highway: 1200 m2 (Front- 35m)
        National Highway: 2000 m2 (Front- 40m)
  • In case you have smaller dimension plot, do speak to our team to check the feasibility and fitment – sometimes even smaller dimensions can be accommodated
  • Land should have Clear Title, Commercial usage
  • No School, Hospital, bridge etc within 50 m from the Land
  • Plant Equipment and Machinery
  • Safety & Fire Fighting Facilities
  • Sales Service Control Centre
  • Retro-fitment centre for LPG Kits
  • Space for other Products & Services (NFR, Service Station, F&B, spares etc)
  • *Allotment of Nayara MS/HSD Facilities subject to approval of NEL and other statutory norms



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